FBHVC Statement/ advice on MOT exemption

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FBHVC Statement/ advice on MOT exemption

Post by PHUQ » Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:40 pm

All- a message with my Club Secretary hat on... ;)

As an FBHVC affiliated club we get information from them from time to time. There's been some concern since the new MOT exemption for "Vehicles of Historic Interest" was introduced that the differential between a vehicle being MOT exempt and merely not MOT'd- as I understand it the issue is mostly arising from the fact that you are not prompted to declare your vehicle as a VHI and therefore MOT exempt until you renew the tax- which might not happen until quite a while after the last MOT expired (certainly this is the case for my own car). This rather came to a head recently when the driver of a "VHI" was served a notice of prosecution for driving an un- MOTd vehicle on the highway- the FBHVC stepped in (this sort of thing is part of the reason why we think being affiliated with them is so important) and contacted the Department of Transport for clarification. This they have done so in the form of a letter to the FBHVC explaining the exemption in (relatively) simple terms. The suggestion is that any members who are worried about this situation carry a copy of the letter in their car to wave under the nose of any over exuberant coppers who have decided to give you a ticking off for no MOT ;)

I've attached the letter to this message; feel free to have a read and print out a copy if you feel it would be prudent to have a copy in your car.
It's probably worth pointing out that if you are unlucky enough to get pulled over and you have to show this letter there's a fair chance your car will get a good dose of looking at to make sure it's roadworthy despite the lack of MOT- so make sure it is (as you should be anyway of course).
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