Radiator hoses

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Radiator hoses

Post by RhysN » Wed Oct 11, 2023 6:42 am

I have a Marlin using the 1.8TC motor etc, bottom radiator hose has been hacked, so needs replacing. Can anyone tell me if there are different versions for UK and US markets please? A very unhelpful Ebay seller hasn't given information of any use at all.

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Re: Radiator hoses

Post by MarinaCoupe » Wed Oct 11, 2023 5:46 pm

Hi not sure whether you are in the US or UK or that you have been offered a US bottom hose from your comment. This is the MK1 cooling page from the BL Marina Parts Manual, it covers both the 1800 & 1300, the 1800 bottom hose is P# 6. It quotes several part numbers and against the USA & Canada version it says NLA. It also differentiates between versions with and without a heater in the car, not sure where cars without heaters were sold, but I'm assuming not to UK, USA or Canada.

In simple terms it should be a pipe from the bottom corner of the Marina radiator up to the inlet on the water pump. There is a spur pipe off it that links to the heater hose pipe which is a steel pipe that runs under the exhaust manifold back to the heater matrix.

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